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The days of eating your lunch at your desk should be long gone. That’s why companies constantly seek innovative ways to enhance productivity and foster creativity while having the space to rest for their employees. One effective solution gaining popularity is the implementation of breakout spaces within the workplace. These dedicated areas provide a valuable retreat from traditional office settings, offering numerous benefits for both employees and the overall success of a business. In this blog, we’ll explore why investing in a breakout space is crucial for modern companies.


1. Promoting Collaboration and Communication


Breakout spaces create an environment conducive to collaboration and effective communication. Employees who have access to well-designed breakout spaces are more likely to feel satisfied with their workplace, leading to increased collaboration and knowledge sharing. These areas offer employees a casual setting to impromptu discussions, fostering a sense of community within the organisation.


2. Encouraging Creativity and Innovation


A dedicated breakout space can significantly boost creativity and innovation. Such spaces offer a change of scenery, enabling individuals to step away from their desks and engage in informal discussions that can spark new perspectives and creative thinking. These moments of inspiration can lead to groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions for your business.


3. Enhancing Employee Well-being and Satisfaction


Investing in breakout spaces demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and can significantly improve job satisfaction. These spaces allow employees to take short breaks, recharge, and relax, reducing stress levels and enhancing productivity. By prioritising employee well-being, businesses can cultivate a positive work culture and improve staff retention rates.


4. Increased Productivity and Focus


Research conducted by the University of Exeter showed that incorporating natural elements, such as plants, in these spaces can boost productivity by up to 15%. Additionally, breakout spaces offer a respite from the monotony of daily tasks, enabling employees to refocus their energy and return to their workstations feeling refreshed and motivated.


5. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent


In a competitive job market, offering appealing workplace amenities, can give your business a competitive edge when attracting and retaining top talent. 5.2% consider a desirable perk to be a games room when deciding whether to accept a job offer. By investing in breakout spaces, your business demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and a forward-thinking approach to workplace design, making it an attractive option for talented professionals.



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