Creating Great Business Spaces. Meeting booths and pods

We would love to tell you about our meeting booths and pods!

Many businesses are reconfiguring workspaces to make them multi-functional, meeting the changing requirements of their workforce.

Workers are enjoying having designated spaces for different tasks such as small team meetings, creative spaces, quiet areas for focused work and acoustic pods for private/confidential meetings. We can even supply pods on wheels which can be easily moved around a workspace and linked together if required. The acoustics are excellent, making them perfect for small meetings.

A big bonus from using pods for meetings is that they can be kept short and succinct, preventing the necessity for long, drawn-out meetings with valuable working time lost.

We use UK-based, quality suppliers and lead times are very competitive. We offer a full consultation and measure-up and design service and can provide samples and fabric swatches on request.

We would love to help you to create a fabulous multi-functional workspace or re-configure your current set-up. Since Covid, workplace design has changed dramatically. Agile working is very much in demand. Workers have high expectations after having the comforts of Home Working and almost need to be tempted back to the office.

If you are struggling to recruit or persuade more of your staff back to the office, perhaps it is the time to rethink your offering. Make your office a place where your team want to be!

Organisations with welcoming, comfortable and highly functional workspaces are recruiting the best workers as this is very important to prospective candidates. The top priorities for new recruits are flexible working and a great working environment.

Creating Great Business Spaces. Meeting booths and pods
Creating Great Business Spaces. Meeting booths and pods
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