Co-working space Bristol


The goal of this project was to re-configure the third-floor open office to create a COVID-safe safe, comfortable and eye-catching workspace for users. When approaching this project, the room was quite tired with a basic range of inappropriately sized beech furniture with no functions for privacy from others around them.

We began with the creation of zones designated for specific tasks such as a small group meetings area, an informal chat area and workstations with privacy screens. Each workstation allows individuals to work in peace and comfort with height-adjustable desks on their (also adjustable) ergonomic office chairs.

Focussing on collaboration, we added a meeting table where individuals can collaborate on high stools or do that fashionable thing and have a standing meeting. Standing furniture has been proven to enable creativity and productivity in addition to the health benefits of being on your feet at work. We also brought biophilic benefits to the space by adding planters, giving the office a more natural feel.

Additionally, we established a casual meeting area beside the kitchen, perfect for your morning coffee and chit-chat and that’s not all. We added two further meeting areas, perfect for formal meetings where colleagues can gather around the height-adjustable table and take in the views of Bristol. Throughout this project, we utilised a gorgeous teal colour for the furniture in addition to red and black – mashing perfectly with the light-coloured walls and grey-scale floors.

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